22. Juli 2009

Team M task forces established

We are happy to announce that two task forces have come into being. They are both rooted within ForeStClim team M ("Management Strategies") and will be lead by Dr Luc Boerboom from ITC, Netherlands.

The task forces are named Evaluation Methods and Tools Development (EMTD) , and Management Adaptation Strategies (MAS) . Please klick on task force names to receive a detailed description and schedule.

Several partners have already nominated candidates to participate in one or both of the task forces. A list of current task force members is available from here.

The first meeting of the EMTD-Task Force will be in September 2009. The main objective of this first meeting will be to receive inputs from members for the development of a task force work plan document. Elements will be

  • Share and discuss presentations on forest inventory databases, data policies, and evaluation practices.
  • Discuss comparison of the different partners forest inventory databases, data policies, and evaluation practices
  • Present and discuss draft of software development plan
  • Discuss collaborative ontology development

If you are member of this group, please indicate possible dates through the respective Doodle survey at
Luc will propose a detailed program for comments before August 29th. and also announce the venue for the meeting.

Please feel free to contact Luc Boerboom (boerboom(at)itc(dot)nl) if you should have any questions regarding the two task forces.